Yuca: The Original Innovator Of Nuevo Cuisine

YUCA, an acronym for Young Urban Cuban-Americans, is widely known as being South Florida's original upscale Cuban restaurant featuring Innovative Nuevo Latino Cuisine or as the locals call it "Nuevo Latino." This style of cooking includes traditional Latin ingredients such as a plethora of textures, colors, and flavors that when combined creates a cuisine that is unique to anything offered outside of the Caribbean and Latin America.

Yuca opened for business in 1989 and is now located on Lincoln Road in the heart of South Beach. We attract a wide variety of diners, including many Europeans and other visitors to South Beach along with residents looking for a gastronomic adventure.

Yuca's continuous efforts had grown throughout the years, which is reflected not only in our popularity and great reputation but also in our future plans to expand our culinary delights within the U.S. and abroad.